MountCor® Canvas

MountCor® Canvas is the first and only HA board developed specifically for mounting digitally printed canvases and fine art giclées that cannot be stretched.

MountCor® Canvas

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InSite® Heat Activated

InSite® Heat Activated (HA) foamboard features an extruded polystyrene foamboard with clay coated liners, one of which is a smooth clay-coated paper on one side and neutral pH heat activated (HA) adhesive on the other.

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InSite® Self Adhesive

InSite® Self Adhesive is an extruded polystyrene foamboard featuring the proprietary Reveal® memory foam center faced on one side with smooth, cold pressure-sensitive adhesive surface on the other, covered by a protective release liner.

MountCor® 130°F Permanent HA Foamboard

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InSite® Reveal® Clay-Coated Paper-Faced Foamboard

InSite® Reveal® is a high-quality paper faced foamboard manufactured with our proprietary Reveal® foam center.

InSite® Acid Free

InSite® Acid Free was created for the high end requirements of preservation mounting and framing, and is a highly recommended solution for photographers and artists who require a backing that will help preserve their artwork for long term display or storage.


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